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Some poems contain words that are acceptable to open-minded adult readers only

14 September 2016

Poetry: "Why Do We Love?"

Why do we desire?
It is not needed.
It is a biological trick in order to procreate.
It is the workings of chemistry.
It is our body’s dubious alchemy.

Why do we form a lasting engagement?
It is not warranted.
It is a measure of survival
To foster the bond of an artificial community
And to safeguard the power of the patriarchy.

Why do we cherish?
It is a waste
When everything is temporal
And a lover forgets as easily as (s)he recalls.
This is all misplaced nostalgia,
A way of coping for the pointless lost
And the worthlessness of it all.

Why do we adore
When attraction is partly an illusion?
It is a beautiful fleeting trance
Moving like a thinning tangent.
We blindly believe a deity’s falsehood
So we can bear the tyranny of our solitude.  

Why do we love
When both science and art cannot provide a clear logic?
I only see the absence of magic
Wrapped in the most saccharine of utterances.

Still, we love
Like a shipwrecked sailor adrift in the vastness of a quiet sea,
Unable to quench himself,
The bluest water becomes poison.
He pleads for rain
When a drop is as random as a tear,
Like a lightning that bolts then disappears.
Still, we ask,
Still, we implore,
Still, we ask for more.

Why do we love?
I do not know the reason
Perhaps love is the cruel treason of life
The human endeavor fueled by un-reason.

Why do we love?
Do not ask me why.
I am aghast
With pleasure and lust.
Still I crave for this intoxicating farce! 

29 August 2016

Poetry: "cut, it, to pi,e,ces"

cut, it, to pi,e,ces,
and make it bleed the tru,th,
or what it sells as such/
we shall know
what shackles us—
as we laugh—
as we cry—
as we get inspired—
as we get enlightened—
when in fact,
we are enslaved,
cut, it, to pi,e,ces,
the gang/
the ale/
the gulag/
the gale/
the gauge/
the angel/
the age/
the aqua/
the la la la/
the ga ga ga/
the na na na/
the lu lu lu/
and the glue/
the h-'0'-lds it together/
cut it and put it back together( ),
like a Humpty Dumpty that resembles an unfamiliar Bill Gates,
those acts of benevolence
buy out the "lucrative hate" (period).


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