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Some poems contain words that are acceptable to open-minded adult readers only

13 August 2016

Poetry: "What Do I Know of Love?"

They spoke of love
As if they knew it,
Speeding on their stud-ly steeds,
Wild knights
On red nights,
Treading on majestic nameless peaks!

They slaughter dragons and ghosts!
They decapitate the rarest of rose!
All for a beloved who gushes at such feat,
Such chivalry indeed, a cuckold’s cunning counterfeit!

What do i know of love? Love is mundane, ugly and profane. It wipes the excrement and embraces the fleeting hate. Love stays put and holds the hands of its beloved's putrid repose. Love is never grandiose. It is an endearing bore. It is a daily chore. Period.

30 July 2016

Poetry: "Lonely Task"

It is a lonely task and at times, one is unable to feel joy despite knowing it is the only endeavor worth taking...

I am living a zombie life;
You are living a zombie life...

Even with eyes wide open,
I see veils of sunlight,
Effervescent curtains,
Mesmerizing me to trance...

When will we all wake up (?)


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