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Some poems contain words that are acceptable to open-minded adult readers only

17 February 2017

(Poetry) Untitled, First Line: "I burn you on my skull until the grooves resemble a tapeworm"

I burn you on my skull until the grooves resemble a tapeworm,
You turn my tongue to blades until I tasted my own blood,
You are merciless,
You are utter violence,
You do not make it easy for me,

I am the one in control
I bend to your will
Like a dope fiend oblivious of the end,

I am alive
In your trance,
But you let me die all the time,

For all my futile tasks,
I still open myself to you
Like a whore,

I am, the un-chained
In this never-ending game,
Addicted, to this public shame,

15 February 2017

(Poetry) Untitled, First Line: "My eyes hurt"

My eyes hurt
From looking at the screen
You blind me
I stare at the twining of the scene
I face a stalemate
But with me losing the game

You reign over me
As you flood me
With inundating lights
Penetrating my obsidian eyes
Lacerating the lens
Unable to decipher
This “fantastic fighter”

The darkness comes over me
As I decode the spider’s epiphany

But I disappear
In the abyss of disrepair…


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