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Some poems contain words that are acceptable to open-minded adult readers only

07 April 2018

Poetry: "To Want You is To Die!"

to want you is to die!

i try my best not to indulge in my hunger of you,
so i shall sit under a Bodhi tree
and relieve myself of you,

i shall sit still 
until i become emaciated,
filling each second with my decades
away from this beautiful illusion of you,

it blinds me deep,
turns these twin orifices
into caves that plunge nowhere
and i want to be everywhere
with my self,
clutching the secrets of my life
with these terrifying thoughts
of being free!

to want you is to die!
to speak of your name is to lie!

31 March 2018

Poetry: "Lovers"

there they go again,
the serpents crawl up the roses,
agilely skipping the thorns,
they perch on tender petals,
crowning themselves with the spoils of summer,
their golden eyes gleam with pride,
the predators disguised as slithering knights,

why do we dress the ugly with the handsomest attire?
why do we fill the empty with seas of serenity?
mouths that devour the gift expel it eventually,
excrements never produce poetry,
and yet,
we romanticize those handsomest beasts!

Give me the eternal eye, forever gazing at me;
From bud to death,
From the withering of my folds,
From the ripening of my flesh,
From the day I fall back to the bosoms of Tāy,
Her gaze has never left me,
Not a single blink, even in the peak of night,
Her light has never left my sight.


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