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Some poems contain words that are acceptable to open-minded adult readers only

03 December 2017

Poetry: "The Roads that Should Not Be Taken"

The yellow wood hides its other roads,
And I shan’t apologize for hopping with the toads.
We are neither travelers nor shady transients;
We un-label ourselves as we traverse the continents.

Horrid prejudice wears the cosmetics of preference;
You are free to choose so long as you choose the "right countenance."

Two roads diverged before me,
Then, I heard the King of Wolves called out, 
"Pick thy destiny."
But I stepped back and headed for the sea
To sit down and examine the concealed mendacity.

My choices were suspects.
The languages were tuck-ly coded.
To “choose” now is to participate in the machinery of hate.
So I shall not tread,
Until I have untangled the hooked choices in my head. 

19 November 2017

Poetry: "Have You Seen My Perfect Life, World?"

Have you seen my perfect life, world?
If not, what is wrong with you?
The places I have been,
The exquisite food that my tongue has blessed,
The chic-y clothes that my body has caressed,
Come see how I exhume personal greatness!

Within these rectangular walls of our collective consciousness,
I, I, I,
I am the angel of limitless


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