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Some poems contain words that are acceptable to open-minded adult readers only

28 January 2018

Poetry: "A Buddhist's Poem"

Lofty thoughts from a shallow muddy pond,
Mayflies live immortal lives in twenty-four rounds,
Free choice is our collective illusion,
Like clockwork,
We choose our daily prisons…

02 January 2018

Poetry: "Oh, By the Way."

Oh by the way, he is still alive, and he wonders, as day slips under another sun, bursting with that infuriating positivity, and even the impending  downpour is tailgated by the handsomest rainbow, what a jest, passing the test in flying colors, applause, the fairies applaud, the knight of sarcasm gallops on, still believing in love, despite the battered shell of the heart, what a pest, even after a series of fails, the angels perennially give him the blessings, youth still caresses his flesh, and he wonders, oh by the way, he wonders, why he still lives, for how long, he does not know, oh fuck, the sun is about to come out! The clouds parting before him, and rose petals start falling, fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!


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